Our clipping path service experts usually use pen tool to present best quality output as per client’s instruction within a short turnaround. All kinds of clipping path services like as clipping path to remove background from an image and multiple clipping path for color correction.

Background Remove (Deep-Etching)

Clipping Path: is a technique of selecting and separating any particular portion of an image. That may be the product itself. Basically this service is used to remove the background of any image so that you can add your preferred background to them. Making background white or Transparent (without background), and multiple clipping paths for color correction. The entire job is done manually using Photoshop Pen Tool and not automated tools.

Masking:  Our skilled image artists provide the best hair and fur masking techniques which can be only done with excellence if done manually. Some images with a fuzzy border or furry edge, we have a solution by the masking.

We offer the same accuracy, quality, turnaround and low cost for every client. If you are a large web shop owner who wants to get them done in bulk, then clipping web house is a great place for you. You will receive our special bulk discounts as well.

Ghost Mannequin (Manipulation)

Ghost mannequin effect is a creative and unique technique applied on photos of garments. Though it is relatively new way of displaying clothes on a website or a catalog, this is still opted by many businesses in the fashion industry to feature their products, such as jackets, shirts, jeans, blazers, jackets and shirts. We are professionally offers for mannequin removal, neck joint services using experts in graphic design.


With this technique, customers will have a better idea on what they would look like when wearing a certain piece of garment. In order to retain consistency across websites, many retailers and brands prefer to take photos of their apparels using the ghost mannequin technique. However, for this effect to be properly achieved, there are three major types of shadow services

Retouching Services

Glamour Retouch:

Model Beautification & Retouching techniques to remove those unnecessary spots, scratches or reflection from your portrait photos, Skin airbrushing with keep natural tone & add special effect to your digital photo. Retouch, Recolor faded photos and maximize exposure and enhance beauty of your images using most professional Photo Retouching Service with Eye Beautification (eyelashes, eye shadow, eye color), Teeth Whiting , Lip Glossy, Blush-on control, Nose correction & Face thinning etc

Jewelry Retouch:

Our jeweler retouching service includes background removal, Enhancement the product improve the details, Tone adjustments, Color correction, Color change (Product / stone), Manual replacement of stones, Making Sparkling Diamond jewelry and give a superior look with Diamond, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Metal and both silver with gold, Wrist Watch, Pearl, Antique and Leather jewelry goods. You can try to get two images Free-Trial with us