Best Method of Background Removal Service

Best Background Removal Service

Best Method of Background Removal Service

Do you know how important this background removal service is for Ecommerce and Product Photography? 

If your answer is no, this blog will help you to understand this.

In this modern science, background removal is very important for the e-commerce business. Transparent background gives a nice look to an image. When you do product photography, you need a different background for the photography. Because the same background in every image is not attractive to the customer. For this reason, you need to change the background image.

What is Background Removal?

Background removal is a process that helps to remove the unwanted object of an image and make it attractive. When you do the photography, some unwanted objects come to the image, and you need to remove it from the image. That time you need the background removal service. This service gives you a cleaner and simpler image that helps to focus the subject. Also, you can easily change the background of an image using this service.

In the online business, this service demand is increasing day by day. Most online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay demand that the sellers include the white background in the product image, so you need this service for white background or cutout bg. Only professionals can do it properly. Clipping Web House is one of them. Researchers said that 70% of online sales depend on the product image.

The different processes of Background removal

There are so many processes to remove the background from the image. Like you can use a background eraser tool in adobe photoshop to cut out the background. When you use this tool, you can’t properly remove the background. When you use a clipping path to remove the background, it will give you the best result. Besides that, image masking is also a process. Now we know the different processes of background removal.

1. Background Removal using Clipping Path:

The clipping path is the process of background removal. If you want 100% satisfaction background removed, you need clipping path service. A clipping path is a process that creates a vector path that is used to cut any image background or edit any image to make the right shape. Photoshop pen tool used this service. For any hard or sharp-edge image, use the pen tool, create the path, and easily cut out the background. Remember that if you create a clipping path unconsciously, you don’t get a better result.

If you want to know the details about the clipping path, you just click on the Clipping Path Service For Photographer & Ecommerce Business.

2. Background Removal using Masking:

When you don’t get a good result from the clipping path then you can try image masking. Masking technique effective for fashion and portrait photos. You can use hair masking and cut out the background softly in the hairy, soft, or blurred edges, where clipping path is insufficient.

Many images have complex shapes with curves and turns, blurred and furry edges in which image masking technique is necessary to get perfection in editing, like animal fur, human hair, feather, flame, lighting, muslin, etc. Depending on your photo, which service is needed. In the image masking, we included layer masking, alpha masking, alpha channel masking, etc.

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Complexity of Background Removal

There are so many types of background removal like simple, medium, shadow removal, unwanted object removal, etc. But we are discussing the basic three types of background removal. So let’s know this.

Simple Background Removal: It usually contains a single path with not too many curbs and anchor points needed. This is an easy process of cutting the background.  When the product image is a simple shape, that time applied to this simple process. For example books, ball, mobile etc.

Medium Background Removal: The medium background removal is tougher than a simple one. This path needs more anchor points. An ideal item that has more edges and bends is checked as mid-level intricacy. Besides, an article comprising openings and numerous inward edges denotes this type. Like group watches, group shoes, motor parts etc.

Advance Background Removal: This is a difficult job. If you create an advanced clipping path, you must have expertise in the photoshop pen tool. There are lots of anchor points needed for this type of path. This type has many objects, very hard edges, hundreds of holes, and inside curves. Examples of this are Jewelry, bicycle, and tree.

Benefits of Image Background Removal

Background removal is an important part of the photographers and e-commerce business. This service helps the business to more conversion. More conversions are increasing the business sales day by day. Through this service, you can attract your customers easily. Besides this there are lots of benefits are written down below:

  • Unwanted parts are easily removed from the image.
  • This service helps to create a unique band style.
  • Your product image is present in a different style background.
  • Create a stunning look to all product images on e-commerce business.
  • Through this service, you can highlight the product details.
  • In the online marketplace like Amazon, eBay requires a solid white background in product image.

Who needs Background Removal Services?

Background removal is an ideal part of online business owners. We know that online business demand is increasing day by day. And online business holders focus on their product image. Because image is the main source of this business. If this image is not good or showcasing not very well, the customer doesn’t attract the product image. So, they need a background removal service, which can develop their business.

If you are a photographer, then you need background removal service. Because when you are doing photography, some unwanted object comes to the image Which can easily be removed through this service. This service helps to change the background easily, which decreases your photography costs.

The fashion industry needs this service. When you choose model photography, you see that the model’s hair adjusts with the background, which is difficult to remove. But our background removal part of the hair masking service helps to remove this background easily.

Why did you choose clipping web house for this services ?

At present, Image editing is very important for online eCommerce business. And background removal is a part of image editing. Clipping Web House is one of them for image editing companies. In the last six years, we have successfully completed millions of services for different companies.

Besides this service we provide Layer and Alpha masking, Amazon Image editing Services, Image Masking, Ghost Mannequin, Wrinkles Remove (Retouching), Jewelry Retouch, Color Correction / Re-Color, etc.

Finally, Our quality-controlled work, reliable turnaround time, commitment between our satisfied customers and us, and responsive management style make us stand out from others.

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