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How to Easily Create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

How to Easily Create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

How to Easily Create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

When a photographer doing their photography sometimes misses the shadow in the photoshoot. Shadow plays an important role in their photography. For this reason, they need a drop shadow for a lovely presentation of their photoshoot.  This shadow service gives your photography a professional look which makes your photography very professional. Most of the time In the product photography needs to drop shadows. And the text also needs a drop shadow for a visual look.

So, your curious mind to know the process of how to create a drop shadow in your product or text? Before knowing the process we know what is drop shadow? Then we know the process to create a drop shadow. Let’s go.

What is Drop Shadow?

Drop shadow is a dark layer covering text or graphics which makes the object three-dimensional.  It is a process to add an artificial shadow to a product or object. The principal reason for the shadow is to make a tasteful impact on an item. Not just tones, rather shadows have a significant influence on connecting the watchers. Relating the clients with wanted items by picture is painful.

Easy Steps to Create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Now we will see the step-by-step process to create a drop shadow in photoshop. Here we go!

Step 01: Open your image in photoshop.

drop shadow creation

Remember that your image has a clipping path (Background Removal) or you can separate the image from the background. Which needs to add shadow. If you don’t know how to make a Clipping Path you can click this link.

Clipping Path creation

Step 2: Adjust your canvas size. If your canvas size is ok, then no need to crop or adjust.

Step 3: You can make a selection (Right-click on the layer).

selection part

Then separate the image from the background (Ctrl+j)

Background removal

Step 4: From the function key (fx) select “Drop Shadow”. You can use it on the transparent layer.

Drop shadow option

Step 5: From the Layer Style, you can adjust the attributes like “Opacity”, “Angle”, “Distance”, “Spread” and “Size” as you need.

Setting up the drop shadow

Video Tutorial: How to create a Drop Shadow in Photoshop?

This is a great method for beginners. But if you are still confused about this step-by-step tutorial, then you can see this video tutorial.

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