How To Background Color Change in Photoshop

How to background color change in photoshop

How To Background Color Change in Photoshop

Did you know how to easily change the background color using adobe photoshop?

If your answer is no, let’s know how to change it in one minute

with a video tutorial.

Most of the time you need to change the background color of your image. For example, you have a photo that needs a background color change, but you don’t do this work. We are here to help you learn how to background color replace in photoshop step by step. 

When you take photography on a solid color background, you see that most of the time this background is not working properly. So you need to change this background color. So, this tutorial is perfect for the background color replacement. Let’s see this process step by step.

Step by Step Process to Background Color Change in Photoshop

Now, you can learn how to background color replace of any image in photoshop following this step-by-step process. No matter your skill level, you just follow every step.

Step 01: Open your image on Adobe Photoshop, which image you change the background color. Remember that we are using adobe photoshop CC 2019 in this tutorial. You can use any version of photoshop for this tutorial.

Open the image in adobe photoshop

Step 02: Choose the “Quick selection tool” (shortcuts-W)

Choose quick selection tool

Step 03: Since you selected the tool then you can click on the “Select Subject“ from the Options Bar.

Click on Select Subject

Step 04: After the object selection, you can adjust the proper selection using the “Lasso Tool” (L). Because sometimes (select subject) does not work properly, for this reason using the lasso tool you can make this perfect selection.

You can use lasso tool

If you want to learn how to create drop shadow in photoshop click on this Drop Shadow creation tutorial in photoshop.

Step 05: At this step, you can select the “Levels“ from the Layer Palette (create a new fill or adjustment layer) like in this photo.

Select the Levels

Step 06: Now you can see the “Level’s color palette”. From this palette, you double click on the 3rd Eyedropper, like in the below photo.

Double click on the eyedropper tool

Step 07: When you double click on the eyedropper then you see the “color palette”. From this color palette, you choose the actual color which you want to use in your background. Remember that you can use the “color code” for the color of your choice.

Pick color of your choice

Step 08: Right now, setting the color then you will click on ok. Then Floating a bar like the below photo. You will click on the “Yes” of this floating palette.

background color replace

Then you will pick a color from your image background. Finally, you will see that the background color changes.

Color picker

Video Tutorial: How To Background Color Change in Photoshop?

If you don’t do this job after learning this step-by-step process.  No worries, we have attached a video tutorial that will help you a lot. It is a very easy method for everyone. So let’s jump to the video.

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