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A Complete Guide to Packshot Photography

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A Complete Guide to Packshot Photography

Do you have an ecommerce shop? Are you selling goods online?  Do you need packshot photography? 

If all of the question’s answers are yes. Surely this blog can help you.

What is Packshot Photography?

Packshot photography is a photograph that shows a product for advertisement. What’s more, bundled in a way can be utilized to publicize the item. If a packshot can easily be defined, it is an image of a product that incorporates the bundling or labeling of the item.

A packshot can help to communicate the brand easily. Good packaging and labeling make assumptions and on the off chance that executed well, it can build the brands’ value. 

According to Google, packshot photography (sometimes called packaging shot) is the photo of a product, still or moving, which captures the image of the product along with the packaging or label. Packshot photography is a great tool to boost eCommerce.

When do you use packshot photography?

If you have an online business then all the time you need this packshot photography. Because this photography boosts your sales and develops your online business. Beside this:


Especially, when you sell cosmetic and jewelry products, that time packshot is very important. People think that good packaging means high quality products.

Each time you want to sell your products, publicize your service, or advance your image, getting stunning pictures ought to be perhaps the earliest thing you ponder.

Extraordinary packshot photography additionally shows your audience that you esteem your own brand since you dealt with introducing your items in their best light.

For this reason, you essentially need a professional packshot photographer who is good at this kind of job also who will help your products show in their best lighting.

Packshot photography tips

The first process of a packshot photograph is to concentrate on making a few efforts of the item to have the best chance from various points. All the more thus, you want to invest energy in choosing and editing the best pictures, with a target to accomplish consistency in each image. All in all, how might you smooth out the photography cycle? Here you get some tips for packshot photography.

Pack shot Photography process
  • Start with a Proper Plan: Planning is very important for every business. If you sell any product online it is quite easy to compare with a catalog of products. First of all begin with proper branding then Plan how your item pictures will show up and they will connect with your internet based presence.Since planned customers are looking at your posting, guarantee that no image seems as though it has a place with another site. The photos should be reliable.

  • White Background: Background of a product image is very important in an ecommerce platform. We see that most of the ecommerce websites show their products in white background. Like, in amazon we see all of the product images have white background. A white background gives a balanced feel in the image, also taking the product in the center of attraction. A white and clean background creates a professional look of an image. 

  • Set the perfect lighting: Lighting is the key factor for product photography. The perfect light setting can turn even melancholy looking items to their best structure. Numerous items look seriously engaging when shot in normal light, more so a delicate setting which is equally conveyed across the product. A good lighting provides you with the best reflection. If you don’t manage the perfect lighting then you can apply artificial lighting,

  • Take shots from different angles: When you arrange the packshot photography that time you will tell your photographer to take shots from different angles. It is really smart to take two or three photos of an item. The cause behind this is that there are potential purchasers that might have not genuinely encountered the item yet. You want to give them a lot of shots at various points. This will assist the client with understanding how the thing will actually be at the point at which they get it.
  • Use a tripod: A significant tip while making product shots is to eliminate even the smallest of camera shakes. To best keep away from this, utilize a quality tripod, or any surface that offers a consistent surface. This tripod will help you to take perfect shots. Which is very sharp and crisp.

  • Take high resolution photo: While taking shots of the item, utilize a camera that has a high-resolution lens. Every photograph should be unbelievably top-notch and never foggy. Each image when seen ought to convey the item details.

How to take Product Packshot?

A professional packshot photographer knows how to take a perfect product packshot. Equipment plays an important role for the pack shots. If you hire a professional, that time there will be no tension on this equipment. Because a professional pack shots photographer knows which equipment is needed for the packshots. But if you do pack shots photography that time need this equipment must like:

  1. Camera
  2. Memory card
  3. A white paper roll
  4. A folding table
  5. Qualitiful Tripod
  6. Duct tape or clamps
  7. White foam board
  8. A place that discharges regular light

When you manage all of those equipment, now follow this process:

  1. Positioning the table where regular light discharges.
  2. Spread the white paper roll from the lower part of the table to the divider such that it will make a smooth bend.
  3. Tape the white paper roll to the table and divider utilizing the braces or channel tape.
  4. Place the white foam board at such a point that the normal light from your place will ponder the item being shot.
  5. Set the correct tripod height.
  6. Fix your camera on the stand of the tripod.
  7. Last but not the least, begin making shots and testing different angles and see which ones give the best result.

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