A Complete Guide To Wedding Photography

A Complete Guide To Wedding Photography

A Complete Guide To Wedding Photography

“It is a profound honor as a photographer to witness two people falling in love.”

– Jesh de Rox –

Wedding photography is the variety of many other photographic genres. A professional photographer is responsible for taking the best shots in a marriage ceremony. In this ceremony, photographers capture group and family photography, documentary, event, and close-up photos. That’s why this type of photography needs a variety of preparation and equipment.

In this blog, you will get a complete guide about wedding photography. Before we go into the details we know what is wedding photography? So, let’s jump!

What is Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography is photography that captures the most memorable moments in a wedding ceremony. The photographers capture the special moments of the bride and groom, their family members, and the other guests using their different techniques in the wedding ceremony. They can take different style shots like portrait shots, documentary shots, close-up shots, etc. It also includes the engagement photo shoot and the wedding preparations.

The photography starts from the beginning of the ceremony and until the ceremony is done they can continue their job.

What Equipment is Needed for Wedding Photography?

There is lots of equipment needed in wedding photography. But you will need key pieces of equipment to capture the wedding photography which is necessary. Let’s see what this equipment is.

Wedding Photography Equipment's
  • Camera: It is the key equipment of a photographer. You really want a full-frame DSLR or mirrorless system that can deal with anything this kind of occasion can come up with. Wedding photography requires a few highlights that consolidate the benefits of sport and portrait cameras. When you select a camera, pick one with quick screen speeds and solid autofocus. While you can edit wedding photos after the program, the underlying nature of the pictures will decide the eventual outcome.

  • Lenses: For the different angle photography, you need different lenses. The wide-angle zoom lens is perfect for group photoshoots. The macro lens is better for close-up shots and also small things like rings, bouquets, etc. In a wedding ceremony, you need different types of lenses. For the different shots and scenery, you need different lenses. So, when you go to this type of photography keep the variety of lenses.

  • Tripod: In wedding photography, it is better to have a tripod. Sometimes this tripod helps in photography. Like when you shoot group photography this tripod helps to secure your camera. More significantly, it will allow you an opportunity to shoot from a distance with your subsequent camera.

  • Extra Accessories: Last but not least, you try to keep the extra battery, chargers, and extra memory card with you. If possible you keep an extra camera backup. If any problem is faced with your main gear then this extra equipment can help you.

Why should you become a wedding photographer?

There are many reasons you can become a wedding photographer. Something unique about being a wedding photographer.  So, let’s know this:

It is a job that is always joyful. You will capture the joyful moments and happiness. A wedding photographer plays a vital role in someone’s special day. So, you are a part of the special day.

Taking beautiful pictures of people and emotions all day long. Sometimes you capture the very beautiful moment of the bride and groom. It is fun to capture those beautiful emotions in all the wedding guests and couples.

It is a business where you are your own boss. No one disturbs you to do this job or not. When you go for a wedding shoot, that time you will be your own boss. you will do this job with lots of fun.

Finally, you will get handsome money for wedding photography. The photography plan is a big and important part of a wedding budget. You will get almost $1000-$1500 per day for this photography.

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

If you are a pro photographer or a new photographer, here are a few tips and tricks which are helpful for a wedding photographer.


Know your instruments: Before going to the wedding photography you should know about your instrument like camera setting, lens set-up, Shooting mode, etc. Remember that a fast shutter speed is great for party moment capturing. A wide-angle lens is best for group photos. All of these things you try knowing before joining the event. Finally, test your instrument all off properly working or not. 

Prepared Yourself: Weddings can be upsetting and erratic. You ought to set yourself up for all prospects. Regardless of whether it’s bringing additional batteries and memory cards, or tracking down extra areas to shoot the pleasant wedding party photographs, have a reinforcement plan and be prepared to change gears if vital.

Know who you are shooting: The wedding day is very special for the bride and groom. Before your photography, you will try to know the details about couples friends, and family. You will try to make a list, of who is present at the wedding ceremony. That will be helpful for your photoshoot and you can easily become familiar with them.

Know the locations: Before the photography, you will try to visit the venue and know the details about the venue like light setup, layout, etc. That will help the wedding day of your photography. If you shoot a separate location for the special photography, you will also know this location.  If you are going to a long destination for photography, try to go there a day before.

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Bride and groom wedding shoots
Couple photography
Wedding photography at Sea beach
Wedding photography

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